We are yuki.
yuki is japanese and means courage.

We have the courage to look at challenges holistically and responsibly in order to make the world a little bit better. 

We develop design solutions and accompany sustainable implementation.


  • Concept development
  • Productdesign
  • Development/ technical design
  • Project management
  • Accompany of production
  • Strategic consulting


  • Modular shop systems
  • Product launch displays 
  • Product presentation
  • Shop-in-shop areas 
  • Visual merchandising
  • Customer experience

Our holistic process


In projects, we question things openly and curiously in order to evaluate them from every angle. With this knowledge base, we design things from "beginning to end" taking into account usability, versatility, flexibility and an appropriate lifespan. This leads to a suitable choice of materials and construction.


We check and evaluate the foundation laid in the design in regards to costs, usability, implementation and sustainability in accordance with the circularity approach. Here we deliberately pursue a "hands-on" approach to ensure that what has been implemented will later do its job. 


With this knowledge and the focus on people, we act responsibly and create added value for everyone involved. Together with our partners, we implement lean supply chains and closed recycling loops. Waste that arises during production is reduced to a minimum and is recycled. 


We check and evaluate the possibilities of preservation, maintenance or upgrading. Otherwise, take-back measures by our partners with material-appropriate recycling will apply. Today's waste is the raw material and a material source for tomorrow's products!


Annalisa Giraud

Managing director

Jörn Dallmann

Managing director

Nadine Maier

Project manager design

Dennis Holzer

Junior manager development